Yoshi's Story

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Yoshi's Story is a side-scrolling platform Nintendo 64 game, released in Japan on December 21, 1997 known as "Yoshi Story" (ヨッシーストーリー Yosshī Sutōrī), March 10, 1998 in North America and May 10, 1998 in PAL regions. There's a new version of the game for Nintendo Wii's Virtual Console.
In the game, the player controls Yoshi and the objective is to save the world from Shy Guys. This game is a part of the Yoshi's series.


Story Mode[edit]

Yoshi's Story1.jpg

It's a Single Player mode that contains the story of the game. The player can choose a course (numbered from 1 to 4, sorted by difficulty), and when finished one of them, it will be accessible in Trial Mode. The game is automatically saved when you clear a course.

Trial Mode[edit]

Yoshi's Story2.png

When the player clear a course in Story Mode, it will be available in Trial Mode. With a rank chart for each course, Trial Mode is the place for players to hone their skills in collecting points and get a high score.