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The movie starts of with Ralph explaining his life as being a bad guy. He explains he hates to be thrown into the mud and he can't take it. After he explains it reveals he is at a Bad-A-Non explaining his life. Many Bad guys from games are included here. Zangief from Street fighter 2 says he relates to him but he said who can chrush mans skull without Zangief. Ralph then states he does not want to be the bad guy anymore. The everyone is suprised. Then the Bad guys state the bad-guy pledge: 'I am bad and thats good. I will never be good and thats not bad. Theres no one I'd rather be than me. Ralph then walks back to his game where the Nicelanders (Thats the villagers in the game) are having a party. Ralph comes there claiming he just came for the cake while everyone is shocked at the party. Ralph was seemigly nice then and everyone was confused. Then Ralph saw on th cake he was in the mud so he moved himself (The cake figure) up. Gene a nicelander then put it down the Ralphp said him and felix (The main good guy) could take turns on top of the cake. Gene then says You are just a bad guy who wrecks the building. Ralph then smashes the Cake and then says he is going to win a good guy medal no matter how hard it takes. Ralph then goes to tappers a game. He looks through the lost and found as a soldiers walks back seeming stressed out. Ralph then steals the soldiers armor and goes onto his game. Things called "Cybugs attack and the Soldiers shoot them. Ralph is very scared but luckily survives. After the game is done he says "Climb the tower to get to the medal huh?". Ralph begins climbing the tower. Next it shows a girl going to play fix-it-felix jr(Thats the game ralph and felix are in). Ralph is not there and she calls the arcade manager. He then puts a "I am sick check back tommorow" sign on the arcade screen. The characters ten freak out then a train (Thats how they travel from game to game) comes in. Q*Bert pops out saying that ralphs gone "Turbo"(read later to find out what it is). It then goes back to ralph and he gets the metal but then bumbs into a cybug egg and it flies out and ralph bumbs into the escape pods then accidently activates it with the cybug in it. It flies into sugar rush a racing style arcade game. The cybug then falls into a jelly tpye quicksand. Ralph realises his medal is gone and he runs to get it. But it is on top of a tree. Ralph runs to get it but a little girl is there first. She then runs to get it and ralph tells her her name and she tells him hers. Vanneloppe (Thats the girls name)then runs off to the race.