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Wii Sports Resort is a sports game released by Nintendo for the Wii in 2009. It is the successor of Wii Sports and is one of the first games to make use of the Wii Motion Plus accessory. It is a collection 12 different sports, from which 2 have already been included in Wii Sports.

The game takes place on Wuhu Island. You can play with up to 4 players.


Each Sport has 3 different levels. These include:


180px-Wii Sports Resort swordplay duel screen-1-.jpg

Basic Controls: Swing your Wii Remote to move the sword, B for Block.


Duel can be played solo vs. CPU or with another player in splitscreen. The goal is to kick your opponent off the platform. you play three rounds also including a time limit.

Speed Slice[edit]

In Speed Slice you have to cut through different objects the direction you are told (cut up/down/diagonal etc.). In the two player mode of this level the player who cuts the object faster wins.


Showdown can only be played by 1 player. In this mode you have to fight many enemys in various different locations around the island. You only have 3 lives.


Sports resort wakeboard.jpg

Basic Controls: Hold the Wii Remote horizontally and steer by tilting it left or right. Flip it to jump.

There are 3 different difficulties to choose from. The basic goal is to steer behind the boat and make tricks using the boat's waves. In multiplayer mode (up to 4 players) the player with the highest score wins.



Basic Controls: Press B to get the Frisbee from your dog and hold it while adjusting direction and angle. Then swing your Wii Remote as if you would throw a real frisbee and let go of the B button.

Frisbee Dog[edit]

In this game you have to throw the Frisbee in an angle so that your companion dog is able to catch the frisbee at a certain point in the map. Later, you can also hit balloons while flying for extra points. When you play this game with other players each of them will have a different dog.

Frisbee Golf[edit]

This game plays just like real golf with 18 holes, except this time you have to throw a frisbee.


Wii Sports Resort Archery.jpg

Basic Controls: Hold the Wii Remote in your left hand (right hand if you'rte left-handed) and the Nunchuck in your other one. Press A to zoom in on your target then press Z and pull the Nunchuck back and aim using your remote. Let go of Z once you think you can hit your target.

Your Goal is to shoot the target located at the end of the shooting range. You have to avoid hazards such as various obstacles and the wind to hit your target.