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Wii Sports is a launch-title sports game released by Nintendo on the Wii in 2006. It consists of 5 different sports that can be played by using the Wii Remote. It supports Multiplayer up to 4 Players and you can also use it to test your overall fitness level. The successor to this game is Wii Sports Resort.

As of 2013, Wii Sports has sold over 80 Million copies worldwide, and thus is the most sold video game of all time.



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The Tennis mode of Wii Sports consists of a basio 2 vs. 2 Tennis match.

The player either controls both Miis on one side of the court, or takes control of one of of them. You can play with up to 3 other people. Gametypes include: Single match, Best of 3 and Best of 5.



In Baseball the player either controls the Batter Or the Thrower, but you can't control any of the other Miis nor run around with your Batter.

This game only supports 2 players at once.



In Bowling you can play a normal round of Bowling with 10x10 Pins. 4 Players can participate.

You aim by choosing the direction and the angle of the throw by using the D-Pad od your Remote before actually throwing it.



Golf supports different kinds of club (long range, short range, putter). It also features a realistic Wind system which slows down or drifts your ball off.

It can be played by 4 Players, it's got 9 holes from which you can only play one third each (easy, medium, hard holes) or all 9 in a row.



The final gametype in Wii Sports features a Split-screen 2 fight mode, or 1 Player vs. CPU.

You control your Boxing Gloves using your Remote and the Nunchuck accessory. You and your Enemy both have a health meter. You go K.O. when it runs out or when the time's up.


You can also Train different moves and techniques of the gametypes in the training mode. Most of these Trainings take place in a place which differs from the usual gametype setting.

These trainings include:


  1. Returning Balls
  2. Timing Your Swing
  3. Target Practice


  1. Hitting Home Runs
  2. Swing Control
  3. Batting Practice


  1. Picking Up Spares
  2. Power Throws
  3. Spin Control


  1. Putting
  2. Hitting the Green
  3. Target Practice


  1. Working the Bag
  2. Dodging
  3. Throwing Punches

Wii Fitness[edit]

In the Wii Fitness mode you are presented with 3 random challenges from the Training mode, which test your Speed, Stamina and Balance.


  • In the Bowling gametype you can change the color of you ball by holding a Directional Button while the game is loading.
  • In the Tennis gametype you can switch to the Blue court you play on during the Training by pressing and holding the 2 Button after choosing your Mii.