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The official store of User Wiki! Here, you can buy many things with coins! In order to get coins, you have to go to my talkpage and tell me to give you them. I'm the only person that can give you coins, and the only person that can give you these items. If you want to buy something, just tell me in the store's talkpage. If you don't have enough, i won't give you anything. If you do have enough, i will accept it, take your money, and give you the item. By the way, I will put it on your userpage.

When you do ask me for coins, I'll give you 700. To get more, you have to help me edit, but ONLY on these pages.

Here are the things for sale!

Name Description Price
Gold Shell A strong Golden Shell that breaks almost all strong stuff and Golden stuff. 50
Spiny Shell A blue shell that attacks someone from the air 35
Red Shell A Red Shell that follows someone and attacks. 30
Green Shell A Green Shell that you can throw and let attack but it's hard to hit someone. 25
POW Block A Block that destroys anything that is close. 25
Super Mushroom Makes you a little stronger. 20
Mega Mushroom Makes you mega big and can break stuff easy. 30
Mini Mushroom Makes you mini and you can walk on water. 25
Life Mushroom Gives you a longer life. 20
1-Up Mushroom Gives you an extra life. 20
Fire Flower Let you throw fireballs. 25
Super Leaf Gives you an tail and some suit and makes you fly a bit. 30
Starman A star that makes you invincible. 25
Cape Feather A feather that gives you a cape and let's you fly. 30
Boomerang Flower Let you throw boomerangs. 30
Ice Flower Let you throw iceballs and skate on ice. 25
Blue Shell Makes you like an Blue Koopa. 20
Propeller Box A box that you can make fly and go slow down. 25
Invincibility Leaf A combination of the Super Leaf and Starman without limit. 50
Bee Mushroom Gives you some suit with wings and hand and feet with wich you can climb on honey walls. 25
Boo Mushroom Makes you a boo. 20
Rainbow Star The same powers as starman and super speed, higher and longer jumps and you will look like a rainbow. 40
Rock Mushroom It gives you a rock suit and makes you roll and can brake stuff. 35
Cloud Flower Let's you make clouds. 20
Spring Mushroom You will jump higher then ever. 25
Red Star Lets you fly and, change direction and obtain objects with spinning for a limited time. 30
Spin Drill Makes you spin under the ground. 20
Statue Leaf Gives you a tanooki suit and can transform into a statue. 30
P-Wing It will give you wings and a suit with a "P" on it and lets you fly. 30
Penguin Suit It will give you a pengiun suit, let's you slide on your stomach and lets you shoot iceballs. 30
Propeller Mushroom It will give you a pack and a propeller on your head and you can reach high places. 20
Wing Cap It's a cap with wings that let's you fly for a limited time. 30
Metal Cap It's a cap that changes you in metal. 30
Vanish Cap It's a cap that vanishes you. 30
Luma A cute, star that loves Star Bits. It can transform into a Launch Star.
Available in yellow, green, blue, pink, red, orange, black, purple and white.
Koopa Troopa A cute guy in a shell.
Available in green and red
Koopa Paratroopa A flying Koopa.
Available in red and green.
Star Bunny A cute, colorful bunny. It can jump very high. 30
Fuzzy A crazy, funny buddy, that likes to clim on ropes. 20
Li'l Brrr A super cute, cold buddy. It can freeze stuff. Great for non-working freezers. 20
Li'l Cinder A super cute, hot buddy. It can burn stuff, and YOU! 20
Yoshi A cuddly buddy that'll eat some stuff in your way. You can ride them to!
Available in Green, yellow, blue and pink.
Lakitu A funny cool buddy that'll fly through the air. 30
Chain Chomp A funny buddy that can be aggresive if you wish so. 25
Monty Mole A cute buddy that can dig holes. 20
Goomba A very sweet buddy without arms, but, it is very very weak. 15
Draglet A cute buddy. It can fly and spit fireballs. 20
Wiggler A cute buddy with a low temper. Don't hurt him, if you do he will be mad. 25
Cheep-Cheep A crazy funny fish. It can even survive out of water for a whole day. 20
Hammer Bro A guy that throws hammers. 30
Boomerang Bro A guy that throws boomerangs. 30
Sledge Bro A fat guy that makes a so strong Ground Pound, that the others are shaking. 30
Fire Bro A guy that throws fireballs. 50
Ice Bro A guy that throws iceballs. 50
Octoomba A blue guy that spits rocks. 20
Octoguy A pink guy that can spit upward and can run away but he will rest after a long time. 25
Elite Octoomba A green guy with 2 antennas and spits 2 rocks in rapid succession. 30
Pony Ride Come on a pony ride it's educational and fun and there's free drinks. 25

For your total amount of money, go to the User Wiki Bank

MarioMan51 made this chart and the items and descriptions in it and made the prices. SuperPaperFan was the one to put the chart on User Wiki.