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Only for testing purposes. Nothing to see here.


|yes=Delete this page,
|no=Don't delete this page,

How to make an archive

  1. Move your page to User talk:Your username/Archive 1.
  2. At the top of the archive page, put {{talkarchive|User talk:Your username}} to make sure people that it is an arcived talk page.
  3. Go to your talk page, it will redirect to your archive.
  4. At the top of the page, you'll see a text that reads (Redirected from User talk:Your username). Click on the link.
  5. You'll go to a redirect page. Click on "edit".
  6. Remove the #REDIRECT [[User talk:Your username/Archive 1]] and add whatever you want there. Note that you must have a link to your archive.
  7. You're done! When you need to archive once again just move your page to User talk:Your username/Archive 2 and do the exactly same as above.

Test 2

|User talk:World10=not ok
|World10=probably ok
|User talk:N64dude=Hi N64dude.
|Sandbox=This is the sandbox.
|N64dude=Hello N64dude.

Test 3



#soda originally known as #derp was a secret channel made by World10 (Talk). #derp was created in December 2012 or testing purposes and succeed by #soda, which was created in February 2013. Owner was given to Razzoom (Talk) in April same year and then back to World10 in May. The channel was dropped in June.