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Hello! My name Is SUPERZ! I have been hapily working on wiki's for a long time, and pretty excited to start working here! So far, I have been recruited to expand lots of stubs in order to get them started, And I will try my best to make these article shine!

My history as a wiki editor.[edit]

The mario wiki[edit]

When I first started out, I was interestingly looking for glitches on super mario 64 ds. When I googled my text, the The Super mario wiki came out as a search result. I clicked on this interesting search result, (which I have given out in my text) and it had a long, and lengthy list of all of the glitches that was ever discovered! During that time, I was getting very interested in the mario series, and googled the names of many mario characters to see what came up. And almost Every time I googled, The super mario wiki came up as either the first, or second search result every time! At the time, I already new about wikipeidia, which I read regularly (and still do), but I never considered registering. but when I started reading Primarly about Mario, I thought "Wow! A whole website dedicated to the info about mario?! How awesome could that be!?" So I got really excited and registered! afterwards, I got a little training on how to do a few basics for wikitext, and I started to edit! I then made allot of friends on the wiki, and made me think how friendly communities like this are. So I decided to stay in the wiki business from then on, Having a nice home on the internet to stay.

Gaining experience[edit]

Thanks to some great friends like SWflash, and mm64 on the wiki, I could train for a few more advanced things, like color codes, and changing titles of pages. I learned the important rules of the wiki, and stuck to them for every other wiki I went to. I have also have kept my sandbox in handy ever since the beginning of my work on the wiki. I have always (evan today) keep this In handy, because it is sometimes hard to remember such complex codes. You can use a little of it to if you would like : Click here if you would like to see it.


Sort of the same thing went on when I was in a sonic frenzy as well. But this time, It wasn't just the sonic news network, It was, A whole community of wikis! I really love to visit various wikis from wikia, because you'll never know what you'll find! I found some great favorites like the scribblenauts wiki, The sonic news network,The club penguin wiki, And even created my own sucessful wiki called the The freakyforms wiki! From that, I gained allot of experience when working as an admin, and learned the importance of maintaining a wiki. If you want to find me on wikia, My username is MUMMEYDUDE327.

And since then,[edit]

For almost 3 years (at november 27) I have been having a great time working on wikis, Making great friends, and even joining the Mario boards! I may just be starting out there, but I have made some great friends, and speaking of which, The admin of the wiki here (Nintendo64dude, who is also on the board) invited me here to work on stubs! And I cannot wait to continue my adventure here as a user on this wiki! So far this is my latest adventure in the wiki business, and I am excited to see my future working here! I hope to make great friends on this wiki;even though I am new, I'm open to anyone who wants to talk. :)

Wikis I am currently active on (listed by most active):[edit]

  1. The super mario wiki Since this is the first wiki I ever came on, I always love to come back and edit every now and then! If you want to find me there, Just type in User:SUPERZ in the search field!
  2. This wiki I have been requested to stretch out a few stubs here, So I will be here for a few straight days! (Hi n64dude!)
  3. Wikia wikis, I Will edit various wikis on wikia to try to assist them, but since their not always my biggest priority (mario wiki and my wiki's) I may not list those. (but you may go to my user page to see what wikis I'm mostly active on.
  4. My own wikis, I am the happy owner of the freakyforms wiki! so I will be maintaining this wiki from time to time. Also, I'm constructing a brand new wiki that will be like your own piece of paper almost! it's called: The notepad wiki! The wiki is fully usable, and can be used for any purpose you like! Even for writing stuff down in wikitext!

My Shortcuts[edit]

The stub page

Incomplete sections

articles being expanded[edit]

None yet. this will be the place to remind me of any articles that I left in a mess. :P