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Custom information
Custom 1I am a goomba and I love to stomp.
Custom 2Yay! Kingfawful4321 joined the wiki!
Custom 3I am writing this as of 5/26/2013 at 2:38 PM find it later in life.
Custom 4I like goombas because I am one!
Other information
MoviesI like Wreck-it ralph because Lord Bowser is in it!
BooksThe adventure of Goomber.
Video gamesUmmmm....
MagazinesMushroom fad
SnacksGoomba nuts,Musrooms.
DrinksWater (duh)
Edits 52
Personal information
Real nameGoombob (I am a goomba)
LocationBowser's Castle,
HometownBowser's Castle,
BirthdayFebruary 24th
OccupationWriting for the userwiki paper in the Fakenew section.
Places I have livedBowser'scastle
SchoolsBowser univeristy
About meI am a super awesome goomba
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posted 1820 days ago

Here is your friend request.