Sysop Tower

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Sysop Tower, along with many users and guests.

Sysop Tower is a location where guests register and where sysops hang out and work. As the name implies, the area is a tower. It has thirty floors total.



  • Floor 1 - Where the Sysop Room, Bureaucrat Room, and Reception Area is at.
  • Floor 2 - Contains an art gallery, photo studio, and a theater.
  • Floor 3 - Contains a portal to Pwnage Path, Boxes with party supplies, and a Block Room.
  • Floor 4 - Only has Steve's Office; only bureaucrats are allowed.
  • Floors 5-30 - Filled with unknown things. No one has ever reached these floors, as the only entrance is at the top of the tower. HK-47 is known to make occasional visits and some say Plumber serves some food on the highest level for HK-47.