Super Mario RPG: Smithy Returns

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Super Mario RPG: Smithy Returns (known simply as Super Mario RPG 2 in Japan) is a role-playing game designed by Sunscreen. It was released in 2012 for the Wii U and the SNES. This game is currently the best selling video game of 2012.



The game begins with a short scene containing Mario. He was just chasing Bowser after he captured Peach. While they were doing that, Smithy was getting revenge. He somehow survived his death! He has been planning something for 16 years! He couldn't handle his anger any longer. With his new boss, the creator of the Mushroom Kingdom, he turned invincible! With his powers, he started to erase the land. The process is very slow, and it would take days to finish. Mario and Bowser noticed a huge white fog starting to pass them. This white fog wasn't fog, it's erased matter. They quickly ran to safety. Once again, Mario, Bowser and Peach teamed up to save the world.

World 1[edit]

Mario and the gang went looking for Smithy, but instead they get lost. While looking for a way out of the maze, they find Mallow crying. The gang then finds out that Smithy erased his Kingdom! He joined the team to defeat Smithy. When they do get out of the maze, they find a robot protecting the exit door. When the gang defeats the powerful machine, the door opens, letting them out.

World 2[edit]

With Mallow by the gang's side, they went out looking for Smithy, then they spotted him. He was on a huge rocket that erased as he flew. The gang managed to jump on the rocket with the help of Mallow. Then, Smithy hits them with a powerful ball of light. This light blinded Bowser, which made him fall off of the rocket. This battle could only be fought with Mario, Peach, and Mallow. Since Smithy was invincible, none of their attacks could damage him. Because of this disadvantage, the gang lost. Smithy knocked them right out of his rocket, making them fall into a huge ocean. Bowser's location is unknown.