Super Mario Galaxy 3

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Super Mario Galaxy 3 is a game for the 3DS. It has the same style as the first Super Mario Galaxy. Many music returns from the older games.


Mario and friends were having a restful rest outside. Bowser then appears and kidnaps peach while Mario is still sleeping. Mario then wakes up with everything destroyed. Mario is confused. After this a Luma appears. The Luma told Mario that Bowser stole everything in the galaxy. Mario then goes on to Rosalina's spaceship. Rosalina says to restore that galaxy Mario needs to go to the galaxies and get the stars. After Rosalina's ship is able to fly you then go to the final battle. After Mario defeats Mario see's Peach. She congratulates him with a kiss. They then return to the Mushroom Kingdom. And they have a party at the end.


Goombob thinks: This game was great! The 3-D planets rocked! I give is a 7/10. Because the music was a bit bland and not so much of a good story line but still one of the best games by far!