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Super Mario Boards, alternatively known as MarioBoards, is a forum founded and owned by Porplemontage. The forum is hosted on SMF 2.0.4. It was created on October 15th, 2006, a few months after the Super Mario Wiki was founded.

It is an active forum, and most active users of the Super Mario Wiki can be found there. The forum allows discussion on specific topics, such as talking about the MarioWiki and MarioBoards, games in the Marioverse, online gaming, off-subject things, and so on. It also has a help desk and an awards section.

The stars next to a user's name on their profile increases after they make more posts. More notable users on the forum can easily be identified by their stars having custom colours, such as red for local and global moderators, green for wiki patrollers, admins, and bureaucrats, light blue for #mwchat operators and admins, dark blue for wiki proprietor, and so on. Also, users will have a specific ranking next to their name depending on how many posts they have made. A user can choose a custom title, personal text, and an avatar of their choice to go on their profile. Users can also customize their signature. More information can be found in the FAQ external link at the bottom of the page.

Many inactive staff members of the MarioWiki can still be found on the forums a lot. Some old users have come backed on to the forums on a few occasions.


Note: Names and descriptions taken directly from the site.


  • General Discussion - Talk about the Super Mario Wiki and the Mario Boards.
  • The Marioverse - Discuss the Mario and spinoff series and their games in here.
    • Super Smash Bros. - A small series with large popularity! Discuss anything about Super Smash Bros. games here.

Gaming Hub[edit]

  • Video Games - Talk about your favorite non-Mario console and PC games.
  • Handheld Gaming - Discuss the Nintendo 3DS and the other portable systems and their non-Mario games.
  • Game with Friends - Share your gaming ID, schedule matches, and discuss online gaming in general.

Forum Community[edit]

  • Off-subject Discussion - Anything goes in here. Talk about whatever you'd like.
    • Mindless Junk - The only forum where randomness and general idiocy is tolerated.
  • Entertainment and Media - TV, movies, music, books, and Internet media can be discussed here. Fun stuff like that.
  • Fan Creations - Unofficial artwork, comics, sprites, stories, games. Show off all your fanstuff in here!
  • Forum Games - Play your games in here.
    • Elimination - Hurt and Heal, Vote to Win, KO a Character, Swap a Character, Save a Character, Race to the Finish, and other elimination games.
    • Mafia - Where those Mafia-lovers come to do their stuff.
      • Mafia Archives - Classic Mafia
  • Help Desk - Have a question? We can help.
    • Resolved - Questions which have been answered are archived here.


  • Topic Storage - A place to store old topics so they don't take up space.
  • Mario Awards - The home for everything awards-related.

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