Super Galaxy 3

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Super Mario Galaxy 3 is a game with returning Power-Ups. Mario or Luigi has to save Princess Peach. Yoshi and the Co-Star Luma reappears is this game. All kind of Power Stars appears in this game exepect Shine Sprites.


Fire Flower

Ice Flower

Boo Mushroom

Bee Mushroom

Red Star

Spring Mushroom

Rainbow Star

Cloud Flower

Rock Mushroom

Plot Warning This Is Fanon.

It starts in the Mushroom Kingdom and Princess Peach invites Mario/Luigi to watch to the falling stars. Mario/Luigi is in the way to go to the castle. When Mario/Luigi is near the castle, Bowser will shop up. Bowser is bigger and powerfuller than ever. He is, Giga Bowser. Bowser kidnappes Princess Peach, including the Power and Grand Stars. Mario/Luigi comes on a rocky planet and founds the Baby Luma. Mario/Luigi has now the spinning abilitie. Mario/Luigi will speak with Rosalina. She sends Mario/Luigi to a Luma. The Luma will transform into a Launch Star. Mario/Luigi will come on a planet. Mario/Luigi will see Lubba and Polari. They are making a brand new Starship Mario. He And he is starting his adventure for searching Power Stars.

After the final battle, Princess Daisy and Rosalina will appear in Starship Mario after completing 242 Power Stars. Together there are 110 Power Stars, 120 Green Power Stars, 9 Grand Stars and 3 Red Power Stars.

Characters Mario Luigi Yoshi (Rideable) Co-Star Luma (Player 2)

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