Super Boo Bros

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Super Boo Bros is a Boo Game that will be released soon.

Playable Characters[edit]

  • Boo
  • Blooper

Non Playable Characters[edit]

  • King Boo
  • Shy Guy
  • Peach



  • Paratoads
  • Toadettes
  • Ms.Bills
  • Ms.Bill Blasters
  • Bombshrooms
  • Podoboos
  • Gi Girl Cloud
  • Gi Girl
  • Firebars
  • Shell Bandit
  • Spiny Toad


  • Mini Marios
  • Toads
  • Goompigs
  • Dry Toads
  • Starstomps
  • Poison Mushrooms
  • Toadfish


  • Boo Mushroom
  • Fire Flower
  • Starman
  • 1-Up Shell


  • False Peach-Worlds 1-7
  • Peach-World 8


1.Boo Woods

2.Shy Guy Glacier

3.Blooper Beach

4.Raining Jungle

5.Dry Dry Desert


7.Dark Dark Cave

8.Peach's Castle

Obstacles and Glimicks[edit]

  • Blocks
  • Empty Blocks
  • Coins
  • Convoyer Belts
  • Water
  • Lava
  • Spikes

Levels and Enemies[edit]

W1-1- Mini Marios, Toads.

W1-2- Mini Marios, Toads, Poison Mushrooms.

W1-3 Toads, Toadettes, Paratoads.

W1-4 Dry Toads, Podoboos, Starstomps.

W2-1 Mini Marios, Toads, Poison Mushrooms, Gi Girl Clouds, Gi Girls

W2-2 Paratoads, Ms.Bills, Ms.Bill Blasters, Toadettes.

W2-3 Goompigs, Mini Marios, Toadettes.

W2-4 Dry Toads, Poison Mushrooms, Starstomps.

W3-1 Mini Marios, Toadfish, Paratoads.

W3-2 Goompigs, Mini Marios, Toads, Bombshrooms.

W3-3 Toads, Toadettes, Paratoads, Dry Toads

W3-4 Gi Girls, Starstomps, Podoboos, Ms.Bills, Ms.Bill Blasters.

W4-1 Toads, Gi Girl Clouds, Gi Girls, Bombshrooms, Poison Mushrooms

W4-2 Mini Marios, Toads, Gi Girls, Goompigs.

W4-3 Ms.Bills, Ms.Bill Blasters, Bombshrooms.

W4-4 Podoboos, Toadettes, Dry Toads, Firebars.

W5-1 Firebars, Spiny Toads, Shell Bandits.

W5-2 Dry Toads, Poison Mushrooms, Spiny Toads, Toads, Mini Marios.

W5-3 Starstomps, Toadettes, Spiny Toads.

W5-4 Dry Toads, Podoboos, Firebars, Bombshrooms.

W6-1 Mini Marios, Toads, Toadettes, Spiny Toads, Ms.Bills, Ms.Bill Blasters.

W6-2 Cloud Gi Girls, Gi Girls, Mini Marios, Goompigs, Toadettes, Bombshrooms.

W6-3 Ms.Bills,Ms.Bill Blasters, Bombshrooms, Mini Marios.

W6-4 Starstomps, Dry Toads, Poison Mushrooms, Bombshrooms.

W7-1 Mini Marios, Toads, Poison Mushrooms, Firebars.

W7-2 Toadfish, Toads, Paratoads, Spiny Toads.

W7-3 Gi Girls, Goompigs, Mini Marios, Toads.

W7-4 Dry Toads, Shell Bandits, Starstomps, Podoboos, Toadettes.

W8-1 Spiny Toads, Mini Marios, Toads, Dry Toads, Toadettes, Gi Girls.

W8-2 Poison Mushrooms, Toads, Dry Toads, Paratoads.

W8-3 Dry Toads, Toads, Mini Marios, Firebars.

W8-4 Podoboos, Dry Toads, Starstomps, Toadettes, Firebars, Peach (Final Boss)

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