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Super Mario Galaxy 3 is a 3D action platformer game for the Wii U. It has many new elements. This game is currently the best selling video game on the planet.

Super Mario Galaxy 3


Every billion years, a famous comet passes close to the planet. It was on that day, the world changed for Mario. Bowser knocked the comet right into the planet Earth. Most of the people on the planet could not survive. Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi were not on the planet when it happened. They were still in space from Super Mario Galaxy 2. When they were returning to Earth, they noticed that the planet was gone! Then they saw Bowser. Looking at them straight in the eyes. Bowser then crashed the rocket and threw it off to Pluto. They then find out that Pluto is no planet, it's a giant Spaceship. With Pluto, Mario and his partners venture outward, defeating new enemies and finding new power-ups. Each planet brings a new challenge for them. The planets that the gang are on get less life-sustaining the farther they go. The grassy fields turn to dried deserts. The wonderful forests turn into bare planets. When the gang gets to World 4-1, Peach gets captured by Bowser Jr., making them one member short. When Bowser Jr. returned to his father, he was so happy that his plans were going like he planned. When the gang got to World 5-3, the "living" things on the planets turn from good, to bad. When Mario jumps on one, they turn to a black shadow and evaporate. At World 5-9, the gang sees Peach trapped inside a giant robot. Yoshi eats bombs he sees laying on the ground and spits them at the robot. That causes the robot's arm to fall apart. Luigi jumps on the robot's arm and uses his hammer to break it off. Mario uses his F.L.U.D.D 2.0 to spray a super current at the robot, making him fall on the ground, breaking it's back. It then explodes, but the princess is okay. At World 7-1, Bowser realized that they made it to his galaxy. There's only robots in these galaxies. When the gang gets to 7-9, they have to face Bowser, normal sized, but he has a trick up his sleeve. He eats a weird robotic mushroom called the Metal Mushroom, turning him into a robotic Bowser. The gang has to take turns beating him. When they do defeat him, he gets blasted into a small sun. The gang then sees as Time Machine, to prevent the comet from crashing into the planet. Right before they entered, Bowser Jr. blasted Bullet Bill at them, which blasted the gang off onto Bowser Jr.'s airship. At the end of the ship is the engine, but this engine isn't just an engine. It's the Engine Fighter 3000. Once they walked in, the engine uses various different kinds of attacks. When they do defeat the engine, the ship fails, and then falls. Peach used her umbrella,and the gang held on to her. Bowser Jr. and the ship fell right into the same star as Bowser. The gang fell into the time machine and warped before the comet crashed. Mario used a rocket to fly to Bowser. Mario then has to beat Bowser in space. This time it's a little bit easier. When Bowser is defeated, he falls to Earth, and the comet passed by safely. The gang celebrates at Peach's castle.