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Here, we have several Pokémon that you can buy! They are free, but you cannot have more than one pokémon! Claim them fast, because there's only one pokémon of each, so if you claim one of them, no one else can have that one.! For Battles come here http://pokemonshowdown.com/

Name Claimed?
Ditto Yes, by SuperPaperFan
Pichu Yes,by YoshiFan3
Pikachu Yes, by SuperPaperFan.
Raichu Yes, by N64dude
Onix No
Elekid No
Electabuzz No
Electivire Yes, by MarioMan51
Bulbasaur Yes, by SuperPaperFan
Ivysaur No
Venusaur No
Cyndaquil Yes, by PTR
Torterra No
Piplup Yes, by Last Mini Star07
Prinplup No
Empoleon No
Rhyperior Yes, by MarioMan51
Charizard No
Lugia No
Blastoise No
Chimchar No
Inferno No
Infernape No
Torchic Yes, by Iggy Koopa Jr
Combusken No
Blaziken Yes, by MarioMan51
Mudkip Yes, by YoshiFan3

If you want one, you have to tell me in the talk page of this article. Take care of your little buddy! Take him/her to fights in the Pokemon Battle Zone!

Earn Pokeballs[edit]

You can earn pokeballs while earning edit rewards. Let's see hom many each gives.

Edits Value?
20 edits 1 pokeball
50 edits 2 pokeballs
80 edits 3 pokeballs
100 edits 4 pokeballs
200 edits 5 pokeballs
500 edits 7 pokeballs
1000 edits 10 pokeballs

And if you don't have pokeballs anymore and you earned all rewards, you have to earn other rewards. MORE REWARDS COMING SOON.

Value of the Owners[edit]

User Value?
SuperPaperFan 12
N64dude 22
MarioMan51 12