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Plumber's Plumbing is a plumbing company that has a mysterious connection to the Super Mario Wiki. Not much is known about the company, but it was interrogated about Super Mario Wiki by the Paper Police. The interrogation failed, as Paper Jorge was tricked into going at a Warp Pipe that led to Peachycake's Lair. He was never seen again.

The company returns in Wiki Hoops 7-on-7 as extra court in the Usedup Cup. Above ground, there is a building with a Warp Pipe that takes one to the Plumber's Plumbing headquarters.


  • CEO/President/Boss/Big Cheese/Head Honcho: Plumber
  • Vice President/Boss's Business Partner: HK-47 and Xzelion (bodyguard)
  • Head Plumber: Paper Luigi DS
  • Assistant Head Plumber: Evil Guy
  • Secretary: Beanbean
  • Plumbers: Silver Mario and Lario
  • Janitor: Knife

Super Mario Wiki 64 DS[edit]

It returned in this game, and it may be accessed by simply heading to it. There are areas that are partially flooded too. There were also some area with chemicals.


  • Scuttle Bug (start)
  • Piranha Plant (start)
  • Swooper (start)
  • Blooper (all the missions)


  1. Timed Star Underwater
  2. Whack-a-Piranha Plant
  3. 8 Red Coins Above
  4. The Secret Passage
  5. The Highest Area
  6. The Lowest Point
  7. Pipe Maze
  8. Timed Star Part 2