Pikmin (species)

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The Pikmin are the animal-plant creatures that Captain Olimar discovers when he crashes on the Planet of the Pikmin in the first Pikmin game. There are several different Pikmin types, each with a unique ability. Means of Pikmin production are done in the Onion, the mothership of the Pikmin species.

Known Types[edit]

Red Pikmin[edit]

Red Pikmin are red in color and are resistant to fire. Additionally, Red Pikmin are slightly stronger in battle than other Pikmin types. They are the first Pikmin type encountered in each game.

Yellow Pikmin[edit]

Yellow Pikmin are yellow and have large ears. Yellow Pikmin can be thrown higher than other Pikmin types, making them useful to reach high-up places. In the Pikmin and Pikmin 3, Yellow Pikmin can carry bomb-rocks, but in Pikmin 2, they cannot, as the bomb-rocks are too large to be carried. In Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 3, Yellow Pikmin become resistant to electricity.

Blue Pikmin[edit]

Blue Pikmin are resistant to water. As such, Blue Pikmin are the only Pikmin type that can enter watery places. Blue Pikmin have a sort of gills where their mouth would be. In addition, idle Blue Pikmin will save any nearby drowning Pikmin type.

Purple Pikmin[edit]

Only found in Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 3, Purple Pikmin are much stronger and heavier than other Pikmin types. Purples, when thrown, will stun any nearby enemies, causing serious damage, or even instantly killing small enemies. Also, Purple Pikmin have the strength of 10 Pikmin, making them useful to carry heavy objects, but due to their heaviness, they are slower than other types.

White Pikmin[edit]

White Pikmin are the smallest of the Pikmin types. They are only found in Pikmin 2 and Pikmin 3. White Pikmin, because of their small size, are quicker than other Pikmin types, making them useful for carrying objects quickly. In addition, White Pikmin are resistant to poison; in fact, the themselves are poisonous, poisoning creatures that consume them. White Pikmin can also detect objects buried completely underground using their beady red eyes.