Paper Mario Wii U

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Paper Mario Wii U, also called PMWU, is another installation of the Paper Mario series. It has the most sells out of all of them.


There was a book, that sucked anyone that read it right into it. This book has been created for one thousand years. An old lady named Blumperiee owns it. With this book, she sucks anyone she does not like right into the book. She teamed up with Bowser. They planned a party for the Mario Bros. When they got there, she gave the book as a present. When they opened it, the pages started the form a warp hole. They both got sucked up! They were planning to destroy the book when they got in the book.


Goombob N64 dude Marioman51


Kingfawful4321 Count Bleck Shadow Queen Lord grodus Bowser Blumperiee Blumperiee (2ND time.)

Battle System[edit]

The battle system returns from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and Paper Mario 64, replacing the the battle system from Super Paper Mario.


N64 thinks: This Game Will be good Because the battle system from Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door And Paper Mario 64 Will be retuning which is AWESOME!

PTR thinks: I liked the SPM style better. But hey, I loved the originals too. 7.0 Good.

Goombob thinks: I love the old style SPM was good but those were GREAT!!!! Also I love the story! The gameplay is great!