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New Super Mario Bros. 2, often abbreviated as NSMB2, is the sequel to New Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo DS and for New Super Mario Bros. Wii for the Wii, and the third installment in the New Super Mario Bros. series. The main goal is to collect 1 million coins and rescue Princess Peach from Bowser.

It features new enemies like golden enemies, Mini Urchins and Bone Piranha Plants. A new feature is the Coin Rush, a minigame where Mario plays three levels and needs to collect many coins as possible under 100 seconds. Many new enemies appear in the game.


One day, the Mario Bros., Standing on the balcony of Peach's castle wave goodbye to the princess as they go on a coin hunt as Raccoon Mario, and Fox Luigi. When they return,the Koopalings suddenly appear, crashing there Koopa Clown Car onto the ground, hurting Mario and Luigi in the process, reverting them back to Super Mario and Super Luigi. When they rise back up to the sky, they show off the princess, claiming that they have captured her. The Koopalings zip off, and the Bros immediately take action, running as fast as they can to save the princess.

Game Modes[edit]

Single Player[edit]

This is the main story mode, where the game is played with Mario as the only player throughout the whole story. Players guide Mario through 6 of the 9 worlds (or 8 of the nine) from the whole game in order to save the princess.

Co-Op Mode[edit]

This mode allows two players with the same game to play with each other. The host plays as Mario, and the client plays as Luigi. When the players find each other, the host (Mario) will select one of their files from single player mode. In this mode, the screen follows the Leader, and the other player must keep up with him or he/she will go off screen. If the player does go off screen, or dies, he/she will enter a bubble, which the leader can pop. A player can become the leader If the current leader dies, or decides to enter a bubble.

Coin Rush[edit]

This mode is a remix of a speedrun, along with the task of gathering as many coins as possible, with a few changes in the courses. Instead of 1-ups, Gold mushroom (with the value of 50 coins) will replace them. When the levels are completed, and the flag is struck on top, any collected coins will be doubled. when all of the courses are complete (3 in all) the grand total of coins is added to overall total of coins collected throughout the whole game. The levels are grouped by packs: Mushroom pack, which contains worlds 1,2, and mushroom, Flower Pack, which contains 3,4, and flower, and the Star Pack, which has 5,6, and world star. Players may also purchase additional packs in the shop, where they may download levels with any money they have added to their Nintendo E-shop account.


  • Super Mushrooms: These will turn Mario/Luigi into Super Mario or Super Luigi; allowing them to brake brick blocks, and take an extra hit.
  • Fire Flowers: these will give Mario/Luigi the power to shoot fireballs out of their hands, allowing them to destroy enemies (excluding bosses) in one hit.
  • Super Leaves:these will turn Mario and Luigi into their racoon form. (From Super Mario Bros. 3.) When acquired, the player can let the player run fast enough to fly into the air for a short time, and also letting Mario/Luigi whack his tail with the run button.
  • Gold Flowers: New to the game. This is the main power up in the game. When acquired, this powerup will turn Mario/Luigi into Gold Mario or Silver Luigi. If one of their Gold or silver fireballs come in contact with a brick block, the ball will create a shock wave to hit all of the brick blocks around them that coins, or even turn empty blocks into coins. When an enemy gets hit by one, (including the first part of the Bowser boss battle), they will be instantly killed (not including any of the Koopalings, which will all react as one normal hit).
  • Super Stars:When absorbed by Mario or Luigi, they will be invincible and be coated by a rainbow of colors. This will increase their speed, and improve their jumping skills for a few seconds.
  • Mega Mushrooms:These extremely rare powerups (returning from New Super Mario Bros.) will make either of the bros gigantic, and will be so large, that they will be able to crash through almost the entire course for a few seconds. They will crash through almost anything.
  • Mini Mushrooms: These will do the exact opposite than the mega mushroom would do, and are a little more common. (Most are found in toad houses) when consumed, these will make Mario or Luigi very light, and allow them to run across the water. They also have better jumping skills when in this form. The Bros are able to be instantly killed when coming in contact with an enemy in this form.
  • Invincibility Leaves:These appear if the player looses 8 lives in the same course. This is a white, invincible version of the super leaf, and will help Mario or Luigi finish the course easily. This power up also gives the Bros the ability to walk on water like the mini mushroom. When using this item, the course will show it isn't completed. If the player completes the course without this power up, the course will show that it has been completed.


As the player progresses through the game, he/she must encounter many courses, each getting more difficult each time they enter a new one. All of the courses are contained in 9 different worlds (3 being optional,bonus worlds), with a Bowser castle at the end of each one.

Types of courses[edit]

Toad Houses[edit]

Toad houses are buildings shaped like mushrooms, and contain useful items that will aid the player throughout the game. In order to get to one, the player could either purchase one with 5 of their Star Coins (Three are found in each course), or discover one when finding a secret exit on ordinary levels. There are Red toad houses (which contains a fire flower, a super leaf, and a mini mushroom), Green toad houses (which holds many one-ups. in order to get them, players must play a small minigame to get as many as possible.), and a star toad house (which contains a gold flower, or an invincible star in world Star).


These levels are usually found halfway across the map, and are considered as an overall checkpoint in the maps progress. Inside one of these, contains Renzors as a miniboss. Unlike most courses, these scroll up and down instead of left and right.


These levels mostly require Mario or Luigi to swim. These courses mostly have different kinds of Cheep Cheeps in them. Players may also encounter obstacles such as twisters, and urchins.


These levels are played underground (as the name implies) and play as normal. These courses might have small versions hidden in warp pipes in the overworld.

The sky[edit]

These levels have many different mushrooms the bros need to balance on, such as tilting ones, bouncy ones, ones that sink down and spring up, and ones that tilt themselves. Theses levels also contain Koopa Paratroopas, ropes in midair, and warp pipes that shoot the bros out like a cannon.

Boss Castles[edit]

These levels appear at the end of every level, and contain one of the Koopalings as a boss, or Bowser himself (in world 6 and Star). Most of them include lava, and will burn Mario or Luigi, causing them to lose a life. They also include enemies like bone Piranha Plants, Bone Goombas, and Dry Bones. Unlike the Towers, these scroll from side to side.

Ghost Houses[edit]

These levels do not keep track of how far the player goes. Instead, the progress line is replaced by boos. These levels contain many Boos, sometimes Boohemoth, and can trick the player many times, which can make these courses tricky and hard.

Cannon Levels[edit]

These levels start out with a cannon, which will make Mario or Luigi travel at high speeds transitioning from world to world. The levels make the bros run automatically, allowing the player to only press the jump button. The levels consists of various enemies, and are needed to avoid many gaps in the course. If the player gets all eight red coins in this area, they will receive a gold flower.

Rainbow Levels[edit]

In order to get to these levels,the player must match another courses timer, in the same world with the last two numbers matching the number of world the player is in. (etc. in World 1, the player must match the timer's last two numbers to be "11".) These levels contain many coins and contain the rare 100 coin that can only be found in these levels. If the player collects all 8 red coins, they will be rewarded with a gold flower. These levels are also up in the sky, so if one of the Mario bros fall, then they will be returned to map selection.

Returning enemies[edit]

New Enemies[edit]