Mega Man X

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X's in-game sprite

Mega Man X is a character made by Capcom. He is a Robot, who is also starring in his own Video Game series.


Mega Man X, known in Japan as Rockman X (ロックマンX Rokkuman Ekkusu. Mega Man X was made by Dr. Light in the year 20XX. He was constructed to be the first robot with free will, but due to complications he was then sealed away by Dr. Light for Diagnosis.

100 years later (the year 21XX) Dr. Kain found Megaman X in his capsule. He began making more Robots with free will after the model of X (Reploids). However these Reploids started to turn against the humanity and were so forth called Mavericks.

Later, X joins a group of Maverick Hunters, led by Zero (who was built by Dr. Wily) to defeat the Mavericks led by the evil Sigma.


Unlike Mega Man, X has the ability to Wall Jump, and he can also upgrade single parts of his body armor.