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Mario Tennis Open is the 5th installment of the Mario Tennis series, developed by Nintendo for the 3DS. It is a sports game starring the various characters from the Mario series, as well as the customizable Mii.


From the start of the game[edit]


Through QR code[edit]


When the player makes a save file for the first time, they will go through the tutorial on how to play. In order to move, the player will use the Circle pad. When the player wants to hit the ball, they can press many different button combinations to use the right one for that moment. If the player is serving, they can either press A,B,X,or Y to hit the ball to the other side so the game can start.The goal of the game is to Win a certain amount of games by scoring over 40 in each game. If there is more than one set, than the amount of games go to the player as one. If the two players come out with a tie, there will be a tie breaker to determen who wins that game, by scoring 7 against their opponent. When the player wins the match, He/she will earn a reward to buy in the shop. In order to buy things in the shop, they must earn coins from minigames they play seprate from normal gameplay. The player can also earn costumes based on the Mario Characters by doing specific things in the game, such as making 5 Mario characters star characters.


Circlepad: move A (When the ball is on the opposite side of the player):taunt

A: Topspin



X:Simple shot

B+A:Drop shot

A+B:Lob shot

L:Jump shot

R:Notify the computer you have the ball

gyroscope facing upwards:third person auto-move (suited for beginners)

gyroscope facing flat: normal gameplay

L (before the ball is served): change the touch screen controls

R (before the ball is served): change the touch screen controls


Game Modes[edit]


This mode lets the player compete in one of the four (Eight when the selected character is a star character) cups. As the player progresses through the game, the cups will gradually get harder as the player advances through each session. If the player chooses a doubles tournament instead of a singles, then they will be able to play with four players instead of two, allowing one of the computers to be a teammate.


In this mode, the player is able to a single match between their opponent(s). The player is allowed to decide who is playing, if it will be a singles or doubles tournament, the course and the rules.

Special games[edit]

This mode lets the player play four different types of minigames, that help the player earn coins, and unlockable characters.

Ring shot[edit]

This minigame requires the player to bounce it's ball with a teammate on the other side to get it into the randomized rings as they appear. They will have a time limit depending on what level the player has set it to.

Super Mario Tennis[edit]

This game is a remake of the popular nes title Super Mario Bros., and the controls have been entirely re-created so that the player's character can hit the ball against the screen to hit things such as enemies, coins, and warp pipes.

Galaxy Rally[edit]

In this Minigame, The player has to collect pieces of a star by hitting the ball twords Luma's side, while avoiding holes created by the court. when all the star pieces have been colected, a full star will appear, and the player must aim for it to get a higher score.

Ink Showdown[edit]

This minigame, involves three pirhana plants that will spit tennis balls at you, and an opponent on the other side. The player must hit back the tennis balls that the pirhana plants spit at their character, while avoiding the opponent, and hit back a few ink balls that, if avoided, will blind the player's vision with ink.

Local Multiplayer[edit]

This feature allows the player to play against 3 other friends and play against each other on exhibition and Special games through 3DS Download Play.

Online Multiplayer[edit]

This will allow the player to play against their friends, or random opponents through exhibition mode. They are also able to see their current ranking in the world wide stats.


The streetpass feature allows the player to play against someone they tagged while their 3ds was in sleep mode. Their computer will match their level, based on how much experience the player has had through playing the game. They can play a tied match against their opponent, or team up in a one minute session of ring shot.


This the place where players can change out their mii, change their miis clothing with the coins they earned, and look at stats from previous matches.