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Luigi in Mario Party 9

Luigi is Mario's loyal brother. He is slightly taller than Mario. Luigi seems to be very cowardly and has missions that scare him, such as Luigi's Mansion. His evil counterpart is Waluigi. He appears in his own game Luigi's Mansion and the sequel (Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon). Luigi also appears in his second game, called New Super Luigi U. This is the first game not to have Mario in it. Luigi gets scared a lot. He has to save Mario in his games.


He is slightly slimmer than Mario and taller. He wears a green plumber suit, and a green cap with an "L" on it.


Back when Mario and Luigi were babies, Kamek the Evil Magikoopa kidnapped Luigi, while Mario fell on Yoshi, starting SMW2: Yoshi's Island.

Creation and Development[edit]


Mario Bros.[edit]

Mario Bros. is the game of Luigi's debut. In it, he was Mario's brother and player 2. He gained his iconic green outfit in this game because of limited color memory, thus he is green to match the turtles.

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