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Many users in Leet Town.

Leet Town is the hometown to a couple of users from the Super Mario Wiki. The town is divided into five different areas: the main area, the residential area, the central area, the business area, and the castle area. When New Wikisburg was created as the new capital city of the Super Mario Wiki, many users attempted to destroy it, but were stopped by users such as Xzelion. However, most of the population eventually moved to New Wikisburg, and the town eventually died. RAP has stated that he took over the Leet Town area, and plans to put his mansion there if he ever wishes for it to be removed from the sky.


Leet Town had many appearances prior to becoming a ghost town.

  • Super Mario Wiki Party Adventure had the residential area as a board map.
  • Star Wiki series – As the main location
  • The Legend of Monty: Sysop of Time – Appears in beginning of the game.
  • In User Smash Bros., it's a stage, including Water Chomp.
  • In Wiki's End, it is the main location in the prologue.
  • In Super Wiki Strikers, it is the first field.
  • The main area of Leet Town has appeared as the setting in the third issue of Terror of the Trolls; it is therefore thought that it will continue appearing in the comic.
  • In Star Wiki RPG, it was the main city. Although, not every user who lives there happened to live somewhere else.
  • It was taken over in The Shadow Chronicles and in Troll Tragedies. Most users who didn't escape were brainwashed in both cases.
  • In Super Mario Wiki Party it is the first board, although it is merged with Wikisburg.
  • In Wikians Unite! Leet Town is a shortcut from the MetalMarioWiki's stage area to wikisburg. Betapaw11 warns the band that Leet Town is going to be destroyed to make room for wikisburg, but none of them listen.
  • In User Party, Leet Town is a rare board map. It can bought at the Star Shop for one thousand five hundred coins after the story mode is completed.
  • In Tri-Force Quest: The Wiki's Fate, Leet Town appears as the final area.
  • In Comix Zone, Leet Town is the main area.


Surrounding areas[edit]

Surrounding towns[edit]

  • Blueberry Beach, a gentle town at the seaside
  • Rogue River, used to be a River Rapids site, now an area inhabited by trolls