Leet Misadventures

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Leet Misadventures is a game starring the misadventures of users at Leet Town.

Areas introduced[edit]


At the beginning, the player can chose from any storyline. These stories incorporate a variety of users. The only unlockable story is Beanbean's story.

Max2's story[edit]

Max2 gets trapped in a painting by Peachycakes, and 3dejong must save him.

3dejong's story[edit]

3dejong needs to race Plumber and Max2 to the Ultimate Shop for a Graveyard.

Xzelion's story[edit]

Xzelion needs to work with 3dejong to save MTD, who is in Max's cap.

Plumber's Story[edit]

A platformer from Baby Plumber's view.

Paper Jorge's Story[edit]

The player needs to race Wayoshi and Peachycakes down Steep Step.

Wayoshi's Story[edit]

Same as Paper Jorge's, but from Wayoshi's view.

Peachycakes's Story[edit]

The player needs to cast a spell to turn Max2 into a painting.

Beanbean's Story (unlockable)[edit]

Beanbean needs to mix potions to turn Baby Plumber into Plumber. The player has to complete Plumber's story to unlock this story.