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Hello users, this is the Laugh n Joy sector of The User Wiki Paper. So, enjoy our Laugh n Joy sector!!!

How SuperPaperFan thought of Mario Kart 7!![edit]

This game was actually pretty good. Besides the Waluigi course (It's kinda weird how he has his own level when he's not even playable...) all the courses were fun! I mean, who couldn't like them? I know there are haters out there...(SHUT UP HATERS!) Haters just haven't played the game and/or jealous that they don't have it. Some people even think that the series should of ended at Mario Kart 3. I really did not prefer the older Mario Karts. The GameCube one was one of the best. I used to play it all the time with my big sis. Mario Kart Wii is also fun, i play it with my dad, uncle and some times my sister. Mario Kart 7 is so much fun. I can't play it with any of my family members though. I will give Mario Kart 7, 8.5 stars out of 10. I kinda wish that they had a level just for gliding...Well that's the end of my comedy of the day. (Even though i wasn't really funny :3 :3.)

This page[edit]

It's funny how almost no one even comes here. :3

MM51's tought's about the 3DS[edit]

MM51 tought that the 3DS was so stupid as buying 1 banana for €1 000 000, but when he bought it, he enjoyed it and his eyes hurt after 50 years watching 3D!

LOL N64dude[edit]

I Like This Page! And Stuff Is Good here. Lol


Its getting hot hot hotter now.

How to capture a Pokemon without any Pokemon[edit]

  • Step 1: Grab a baseball bat or a golf club and take it with you. (Do NOT take sharp objects like swords or knives. this may kill the Pokemon)
  • Step 2: Sneak up on to the Pokemon you want.
  • Step 3: Once your at reach with the Pokemon, Smack it in the face with your golf club/baseball bat, If the Pokemon does not have a face, Smack it in any effective spot.
  • Step 4: If smacking it in the face/effective spot does not do the trick, Smack it over and over again.
  • Step 5: while the Pokemon is knocked out or wounded, Use your Pokeball to catch it, If the Pokemon manages to get out of the Pokeball, it just means it isn't injured enough. (you know what to do next)

Note: if the Pokemon see's you while your sneaking up behind it, Quickly run up to it and then you-know-what.

Thank you for reading, now you can get rid of that fat drowzee in your lawn.