Iggy Koopa Jr

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Iggy Koopa Jr


Deadliness runs in the family.
Real name 4050464646
Age 13
Gender Male
Country Paris, France
Birthday 14 May 1999
Usernames on Mario Boards Comte Niark, Xanthium and Iggy_Koopa_Jr
Favorite Mario Characters Dimentio and Count Bleck
Favorite Items Tanuki leaf and Gold mushroom
Now now now, here you are, looking at this page. So, a basic introduction is due...


  • I am a genius, a concentration of perfectitude...
  • I'm 13, I live in Paris.
  • I like science and maths.
  • My real name is 4050464646.


Oohh!! Oohh!!! Such rareness! Such beauty! Makes me WANT TO EDIT MORE!!!!!! Must preciously keep it here :)

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