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Heecf is a troll that tried to spam User Wiki. It happened at June 27. He is User Wiki's second troll. We are still figuring out who this troll actually is. Sunscreen and N64dude are both watching the recent changes for sockpuppets of this troll. Users You See This Troll Report it to Sunscreen And N64dude.

He has tried to have several sockpuppets, which are being banned.

He has records of being a troll on different wikis too. It looks like he has given up.

By the way, if you ARE Heecf, please don't spam again. If you do, you'll be banned again, and again. (Remember dude, i don't get fooled easily, i might already know who you are, I'm not sleeping anytime soon so don't even try to pull a fast one. This is serious business.) We Hate Him!