Ellie the Elephant

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Ellie the Elephant
Ellie's Donkey Kong Country 3 artwork
SeriesDonkey Kong series
First appearanceDonkey Kong Country 3 (1996)
AffiliationDixie Kong,
Kiddy Kong
Latest appearanceDonkey Kong Country 3 (GBA, 2005)

Ellie is a female elephant Animal Buddy who first appears in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!.


Donkey Kong series[edit]

Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble![edit]

In this game, Ellie can draw Steel Kegs to her and carry them with her trunk; she can also collect a limited supply of water in her trunk and shoot it at enemies. She is afraid of mice and will run whenever she spots one. This is based on reality, where elephants are sometimes negatively conscious of mice. The "Stampede Sprint" level of Krematoa centers around Ellie running uncontrollably after stumbling upon a trio of Sneeks. Ellie is one of three Animal Buddies to fight a boss: she battles the waterfall slug Squirt in Cotton-Top Cove.

Ellie appears in the following levels: Lakeside Limbo, Murky Mill, Bobbing Barrel Brawl, Tracker Barrel Trek, Pot Hole Panic, and Stampede Sprint.

Donkey Kong Land III[edit]

In Donkey Kong Land III, Ellie's role is slightly different than in Donkey Kong Country 3. For one, she has an unlimited water supply and can spray water in any level she appears in, and secondly, she is no longer scared of Sneeks. Lastly, she is no longer able to carry barrels with her trunk. She only appears in three levels: Footloose Falls, Rickety Rapids and Rainforest Rumble.

Donkey Konga[edit]

In Donkey Konga, Ellie appears at the bottom of the screen, dancing to the music currently playing.