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Aero redirects here. For information on the dropped channel #aero. see Aero (chat). For the channel with the same name, see Botato (chat).

Botato, originally known as Aero, is an IRC bot made by World10 (Talk) that can be found in DarkMyst and Rizon IRC servers. Unlike Veneno and Xeon, Botato is made by mIRC scripts.

Features and Commands[edit]

All Botato commands start with an ampersand (&) and are not case-sensitive. All texts by Botato are written with a green text.

Quote commands[edit]

Random Messages[edit]

If a user pings its current nickname (says the bot's nickname in the same channel), it will return (say) a random line which is mostly said by users before.


  • &quotes returns the amount of current quotes stored in Botato.
  • &quote [number here] returns a quote stored in Botato.

Other commands[edit]



Tells a random "That awkward moment" joke.



Tells a random "I wasn't that drunk" joke.


&morph [word 1] [word 2]

Botato will morph two words into one. Example:

&morph hello world

will return something like this:

hello and world --> hellorld


&pi [number between 1 and 100]

Returns the Pi number with a given amount of decimals. Example:

&pi 28

returns the Pi number with the first 28 decimals. Can say up to 100 decimals.

The number is optional, if it's not specified, the bot will return the number with a random amount of decimals.


&pro [any action here]

Tells the chance between 0-100% that a given action will happen. Example:

&pro that potatoes will fall from the sky today

will return something like this:

Chances are 57% that potatoes will fall from the sky today

Basically, the user asked Botato "What is the chance that potatoes will fall from the sky today?".


&say [text here]

Returns the given text said by a user. Example:

&say Hello World!

returns Hello World! with green text.


&um [text here]

Pretty much as the &say command, except it returns the text with a black background and white, bold text. Example:

&um Hello World!


Hello World!