1-Up Mushroom

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A 1-Up Mushroom is a rare item found in many of the Mario games. Once eaten by Mario, he will gain an extra life. Collecting 100 Coins will have the same result.
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Super Mario Bros[edit]

The 1-Up Mushrooms first appear in Super Mario Bros.. In the side-scrolling games, they move exactly like normal Mushrooms.


  • The instruction manual of Hotel Mario named the 1-Up Mushroom "Toad".
  • A 1-Up Mushroom is a space in Nintendo Monopoly. It replaces the Income Tax space. When a

player lands on this space, they have to pay either 10% of their total assets or $200 in the 2006 version (just $200 in the 2010 version).

  • In the Animal Crossing series, a 1-Up Mushroom appears as a furniture item and plays the Extra Life sound and cause a 1-UP to float above it.